Hello there and welcome to the Kicks Online Community!

Here are some ground rules we expect all players to abide by at all times.

1. No cursing or insulting other players through verbal abuse.
This includes words and terms that can be constituted as harassment - attacks against anybody's race, gender, country, religion (or lack of), orientation, perceived maturity, skill level, etc.
The abovementioned list is not meant to be exhaustive and you are to exercise full discretion as to what you say.
If you are to attack another player using a media that is not Discord or the forums, we will still take action if it is egregious in nature.
Communication within the forum and in Discord will be tracked and will be used if/when we investigate verbal abuse.

2. No botting, cheating, bug abuse, or other automation is allowed.
We take fairness seriously. If you're found to have engaged in behavior that seriously compromises the integrity of our game, severe action will be taken against you.
In other words - don't make us do drastic things to you just because you want an advantage - play honestly like everyone else.
Besides, this isn't WoW - a low-level but skilled player can still beat a high-level player, and everyone will eventually get to know everyone here, so yeah.

3. All admin decisions are final.
While we may accept appeals in exceptional circumstances, all decisions are to be decided by admins and are final.
Exceptional behavior does not grant you a review - it just earns our ire and desire not to respond to you.

4. Have fun!
That being said, if you can follow the rules, you must have fun!
If you can't have fun in winning or losing, what's the point?
Note that the admins do not (and cannot actively) police behaviour such as stacking, but for the love of all that's good just be fair.