Game Positions

Forward A forward is good at running, dribbling and shooting. His main job is to help the team by scoring goals.
ST Strikers use their amazing aerial abilities to score with spectacular headers and overhead kicks.
CF The Center Forward will always be ready to jump on any loose ball near the goal area to push it inside the net. It is also very hard to take the ball from these forwards.

Wing Forwards are strikers that score by using their amazing speed and dribbling techniques, but can also support other strikers with a wide variety of crosses.

Midfielders are best at supporting teammates with good passes or crosses, and are also capable of scoring from long range with their amazing shooting skills.

An Attacking Midfielder's main task is to quickly supply the forwards and aid the team with shots from way out.

A Side Midfielder is specialized in all sorts of crosses and stunning passes to supply the team's strikers.

The Center Midfielder is the team's playmaker. He will be the center of all passing.

The Defensive Midfielder is mainly a very physical box-to-box player who can help the defenders with their duty, but is also capable of doing quick offensive runs to help the team score.

Defenders have very good stealing and tackling abilities to gain possession of the ball, as well as intercepting passes to the opponent team's strikers and clearing crosses with their heading capabilities.

Side Backs are very physical players who can defend well and also support the team's attacks with quick offensive runs and crosses.

A Center Back's main role is to neutralize the opponent's dangerous attacks with quick interceptions and tackling.

The Sweeper is the last defender, whose main role is to make sure the ball never gets too close to the goal area and support the team with amazing long passes.