Running Stealing
Running speed without having the ball. The chance of successfully stealing your opponent.
Endurance Tackling
The rate at which the sprint gauge goes down is decreased and it will also restore more quickly. The chance of successfully tackling your opponent.
Agility Heading
Running speed while pressing shift, with and without the ball. Success rate and accuracy of headers.
Ball Control Short shooting
Chance of avoiding opponent's steals and tackles. Success rate, speed and accuracy of shots within 12 meters of the goal.
Dribbling Long shooting
Running speed with the ball. Success rate, speed and accuracy of shots between 12 and 25 meters of the goal.
Crossing Short Passes
Crossing height and speed.
The power gauge will also fill up more rapidly, allowing faster crossing.
Speed, distance and accuracy of ground passes.
Marking Long Passes
Strength in physical confrontations.
Gives an advantage over dribbling opponents.
Speed, distance and accuracy of long passes sent through the air.